Mong Teng Gan


Amid today's urgency, symbols and metaphors
are a short cut to meaning

I've always been fascinated by deeper meanings that make people behave the way they do. Becoming a mother has intensified this – I've learnt the reasons behind tears and laughter are often not what you see on the surface.

Mong Teng's considerations range from philosophy through symbols in everyday life to how people perceive, use and interact with brands.

She began her career at Equus then joined Batey, working on Daimler Mercedes-Benz, OCBC Bank, Singapore Airlines, StarHub and Qatar Airways.

Mong Teng is a Design graduate from Monash University in Australia. She has won international design awards from Communication Arts, Graphis and D&AD.

Her life is shaped and defined by a continuing pursuit of meaning and perspective.