Chiang Pun Hon


The structure of all things lie inherently in it’s design.

Pun comes equipped with a degree in Architecture from the National University of Singapore and work experience from a plethora of renown architecture firms in Singapore, such as RSP Architects, ID Architects, and ETH Zurich. His roles and responsibilities have varied over the years, from the usual designing and drafting to modelling, research and programming. Pun was even approached to singlehandedly design, draft, model and concept brand for Breadyard as an interior designer.

Pun’s time in the various firms made him realise that he wanted to explore more avenues. To this end, he joined the team at Aretése to help in the latest endeavour: designing pieces of luxury furniture for an up-and-coming lifestyle brand.

A nature aficionado, Pun finds joy in quiet mountain trails and camping in the great outdoors with close friends.