Liberating People to Live Life on their own Terms




In 2016, the Infocommunication Development Authority announced plans to shake up the telco market, in an effort to enhance innovation and competition in the mobile market, in hopes that telcos old and new would offer ‘a wider variety of innovative services and more competitive offerings to benefit consumers’.

This deregulation was to disrupt the stagnancy that the local telco market was facing. Liberty Wireless saw the opportunity amidst the disruption, to provide consumers with what they were clamouring for. They established themselves as the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) in Singapore to offer a full service mobile network experience, before setting up Circles.Asia, Singapore’s first fully digital telco.

Aretése was engaged to define Circles.Asia’s brand strategy and develop an identity that reflected it’s innovative business approach.


Through our research of both local and global communities, it was clear that there had been a tremendous shift in the usage of telco services. Where talk time had been the key to any plan, people across the generations were now utilising data at an unprecedented rate, especially with the rise of messaging apps available, as well as data based calls.

Circles.Asia had identified the same trend and aimed to liberate their subscribers, allowing them to make unlimited WhatsApp calls and send unlimited videos and messages without touching their monthly data allowance, minimising on talk time and maximising data.

Through our close working relationship, it was clear that Circles.Asia strived to be optimistic, agile and poised to adapt to the conditions of the ever-changing digital experience. Furthermore, the team was open to exploring new possibilities that communicated the dynamic nature of its business model in order to realise their ambition, to use data to reimagine the mobile experience for a digital centric environment.

As a result of a workshop conducted, Aretése and Circles.Asia concluded that as a game changer that breaks the tradition of how consumers subscribe to plans, the company is not just another telco. It is a lifestyle brand, where consumer attitude towards today’s ubiquitous digital lifestyle defines and sustains its core business.


Identifying the need to reassess the name Circles.Asia, Aretese proposed the adoption of Circles.Life as the brand name and url. Such a change would not only give it a distinct identity, but clearly differentiate the telco from its competitors with a unique lifestyle proposition.

Rather than playing the role of a telco, Circles.Life offers very distinct and differentiated services that are lifestyle driven. It challenges industry rules by being flexible with its business offerings - liberating subscribers to live without rules and live life on their own terms.

A dynamic identity system was designed, consisting of three interflowing circles, inspired by the simplicity and fluidity of an organic shape.

Each of the circles represent an attribute of Circles.Life - simplicity, flexibility and control.

Together the circles form an energetic yet evocative identity that symbolises an agile, fluid organisation with a drive for innovation.

As a brand that believes life is full of possibilities and people deserve more, Circles.Life empowers people to live the way they want to and gives them the confidence to do so by placing them at the centre of it all, as illustrated by the circle identity.


Aretése helped us add several dimensions
to the thinking leading us to a dynamic solution
that evolves around the changing habits and
behaviours of consumers.