Enabling the Dreams of Others



Domicil was founded by 1979 by three German creative visionaries, Armin Eberlein, Brigitta Jaeggle and Hans Dahme. They shared a dream of inspiring beautiful homes.

Domicil soon became renowned for the creativity and original ideas of its unique, highly aspirational Mediterranean themed home furnishing solutions. By 1989 it was one of Germany's top twenty luxury brands and a major franchisor in Europe.


We were asked to determine Domicil's path to a future extending beyond Europe to North America and China. We realized the real challenge was to find a universal appeal that could make the brand relevant around the world so undertook a 360° dismantling and reassembly of all aspects of the brand: its history and intrinsic attributes; the relevance today of its historic appeal; its current marketing activities; the in-store customer experience.

The name was from ‘domicile’, a German word for home. Domicil had once been synonymous with dream homes, inspired by its Mediterranean lifestyle concepts. However experience had shown total furnishing solutions built around the Mediterranean lifestyle concept were not viable in every market. Also, “dream homes” had become one of today's most exploited clichés – trite and banal use had eroded its historic resonances.  

But our research also showed that while such use had eroded historic resonances of “home”, “home” is today more than ever the ultimate refuge and haven. We also found pride in one's home, long evident in western markets, now visible in emerging markets.


Could Domicil take ownership of "home" and make "dreams" meaningful once again, not just a cliché? Was the past the key to Domicil's future – no longer in the furnishings of home but now in the experience of home? Could Domicil present a real slice of life, not just offer a product?

Resonances of Home in our hearts and minds are from the life we shared there, the aspirations we had, the dreams we realized. Portraying images evoking vivid memories of these awakens emotions and values that recall the warmth of feeling loved and nurtured. Such feelings reflect the joy and laughter, sharing and achievement, central to the realization of aspirations and dreams. Associating Domicil with these moments enables us to evoke the same spirit in others, generating enduring memories of a unique place to which we all want to return. Home.

Thus, Domicil becomes intimately identified with the creation of special memories that enliven the dreams of those remembering them. By enabling the dreams of others, Domicil is itself enlivened with compelling new purpose.

Research confirmed this appeal was flexible and scalable, relevant across all markets, evoking images and associations empowering all associated with Domicil – employees, dealers, franchisees, and customers.

We summate the brand in three simple words:  

Domicil is home.

This is implemented across all touch points from product presence through in-store experience to all communications, including digital, with materials designed to engage and enthuse all stakeholders. The resulting Domicil experience comprises three separate but interrelated elements, Essence of Well-Being, Beauty in Simplicity, The Gift of Inspiration.

Our Domicil materials have won several international awards.

The Brand Brochure and Domicil's Brand Advertising were both winners in GDUSA's American Graphic Design Awards 2012.

In New York's Graphis Design Annual 2014 the Brand Brochure won a Silver Award and a Domicil Poster won another Silver Award in the Communications Category.




They inspired us to build on everything we knew and
helped us embrace everything we didn’t.