Redefining Individuality



Based in both Singapore and New York, Dzojchen (pronounced doh-jen), is the inspiration of its owner and designer, successful model Chelsea Scott-Blackhall. Born of Singapore and English heritage, it is a brand rooted in the contrasting cultures, practical and philosophical influences, of East and West.


Dzojchen is about paradox and duality, unexpected balance from contradiction, the power of opposing energies and forms within us, co-existing in harmony to realize wholeness in one’s full potential. The essence of Dzojchen can be defined by a single word, individuality.

The brand is characterized by its edgy and androgynous design and immense detail to ‘fit’, and ‘cut’. The paradox inherent in the brand's DNA is reflected in dualities within fabric, form and function, supported by innovative and experimental drafting techniques, washes, textures and finishes. Collectively, these provide a signature balance between contradictions and harmony.

The contradictions inherent in Dzojchen's expression of individuality are very relevant today. The ability to reconcile apparently conflicting expressions characterizes those best able to deal with the frequently contradictory and demanding challenges and requirements of today’s new order.


To define and express Dzojchen we used a Chinese coin. This not only reflects the Asian heritage and philosophy behind the brand, it also acts as a metaphor for the duality at its heart. Just as the different sides are part of a single entity, so integration of one’s individuality requires unification of the apparent contradictions inherent in the human condition. The writing around its edge which encompasses and unifies the whole underlines this.

The metaphor is brought to life through thought provoking statements of apparently contradictory dualities.

I am Dzojchen. I see both sides simultaneously and deep within. I am my own guiding light. I am at one with all. I am indefinable. I am Dzojchen.

Dzojchen's edgy and androgynous designs, exotic materials and high quality workmanship have won it a well-earned place in the contemporary luxury market. It has appeared on the runways of New York, Paris, Seoul and Singapore and is now sold by select ‘indie’ retailers globally, worn by fashion leaders, celebrities and media ingenues, and featured in international publications such as Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Style, Nylon, L’Officiel and WWD.

In New York's Graphis Design Annual 2012, Dzojchen won Silver in the Logo Category.


Defining the indefinable - that’s what they do so well.