Virtuous Indulgence?


The Dessert Empire business is built around gelato and other frozen desserts in flavours from Italian favourites to exotic Japanese style gelatos.

We asked ourselves “Can we create a new kind of frozen dessert?”

Frozen confections can seem naughty and self-indulgent, incompatible with healthy living, natural products and responsible behavior. How about a frozen dessert free from remorse, with cross-cultural appeals and particularly relevant in Asia?

Someone muttered it sounded a bit nutty.

That gave us an idea. Dairy products, common in Gelato and ice-cream, are unacceptable to lactose intolerant individuals, found more frequently in Asia than the West. Almonds, esteemed across much of Asia as great tasting, natural, healthy, can be made into a delicious lactose-free milk substitute.

Could frozen confections use Almond milk? Soya milk? Is an Almond / Soya blend possible? How about Rice milk? Imagine a delightful range of frozen confections appealing to the lactose-intolerant and to vegan vegetarians.

Initial testing is promising. Keep watching this space.