Revitalising One’s Energy, Sharpening One’s Edge



After Modena’s success, Frasers wanted a second brand featuring similar hardware and software. We were asked to define it. Our challenge was to ensure it would resonate particularly with Generation Y's successors, the emerging E-Generation, yet run no risk of being confused with Modena.


The new brand was targeted at road warriors and young executives. It would offer mid to long term accommodation in locations in and around Tech Parks and Business Areas. Such locations lack the lifestyle divisions and activities so important to this segment.


We realised this gave us an exciting opportunity – turn the property into a destination, an oasis of life and zest tailored to the mindset of its E-Generation guests.

For inspiration, we turned to the sparkling waters of the Bay of Naples.

The Island of Capri has for millennia had iconic associations with lightness and freedom, fun and laughter, the energy of light dancing across the waves. It is a place and an attitude, a destination and a promise of the renewal of energy and the refreshment of light. Could we exploit these associations to give the new property its own distinct identity? What if we made Capri synonymous with revitalising one’s energy and sharpening one’s edge?

We reinforced and anchored this brand idea by creating a distinctive visual identity which employs the play of light to suggest the ripple of renewing energy across azure waves and give the word Capri a look and feel as fresh and up to the minute as the E-Generation itself.

The properties bring this promise to life by combining the facilities of a smart hotel with the space and informality of a serviced residence. From iPad activated check-in to
e-concierge, seamless connectivity and the latest technology keep today’s E-Generation on top of their game.

The first Capri by Fraser property opened in Singapore in late 2012. It was joined in early 2013 by a second in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and a third in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More are planned.