Converging Space and Time



After entering into a joint venture with Modena Hospitality Shanghai to expand its market in China, we were tasked to redefine a brand direction that would move Modena forward.


We found more and more hotels were targeting the increasing numbers of Generation Y road warriors. Serviced residences however continued to focus on longer-term management level guests. Their particular concerns were with personal comforts and conducting business locally and globally.

Generation Y's needs, however, are sharply different. They want to get the most from every moment. Without wasting a second. They are intelligent and intuitive, valuing connectivity rather than proximity, concerned with playing as hard as they work.


Could Modena exploit an expanding need for accommodation tailored to the wants and needs of Generation Y? Why not design an environment where connectivity and multiple facilities would allow guests to make the most of every moment?

This would allow it to be a place and an environment that addressed the lifestyle preferences of Generation Y. Modena would become a place where space and time converged, enabling guests to maximise their activities and Live Every Moment.

We expressed the choices available to guests by using Modena's property wide connectivity by combining activities especially relevant to Generation Y.   

What if reception was not just for checking in but also a place where one could relax and surf the net or simply chill out. Imagine a Gym where one could not only work out but also work-in. Why not put a Nintendo Wii in the Laundromat so guests can play games as they spin-dry their laundry.

To unify such disparate and diverse activities, we used a symbolic clock to underline the convergence of space and time.

Modena is now in three cities – Putuo Shanghai, Jinjihu Suzhou and Heping Tianjin – and is preparing to open in Pudong Shanghai, New District Wuxi and Zhuankou Wuhan.

Modena properties have won awards from World Travel Awards, TripAdvisor, and Best Homes.