Sharing a Vision of Sustainable Mobility



As its 125th anniversary approached in 2011, Daimler gave us an open brief to redefine the Brand Gallery in the Singapore Mercedes-Benz Centre. This is one of a handful around the world projecting the brand’s ethos and values to inspire visitors.

We were tasked to re-engage, inform, educate, inspire and motivate customers and prospects of this iconic brand.


Awareness of Mercedes' historic glory and legendary past is widespread; the three pointed star is a universal symbol of engineering excellence and passion. What is less well known is that Mercedes today is also distinguished by unwavering commitment to making the world a better place – ecologically, socially and economically – for the benefit of future generations.

This commitment is reshaping the future of the automobile as Mercedes rethinks tomorrow with remarkable engineering developments and initiatives – developments ranging from exploratory work on engines that would emit oxygen rather than pollutants to applying solutions from nature to mobility issues.

Biomimicry has already inspired collision averting mechanisms that imitate bat’s use of sonar to avoid in-air collisions; the unique shape of the box fish is not only being applied to the design of extremely low drag and highly fuel efficient vehicles, it also gives new insights into prevention of deformation of car bodies when vehicles collide.


Could we use Mercedes’ commitment to learning from nature to encourage visitors to see and experience this familiar automotive icon in new ways?  

We created two experiential environments that excite the mind and capture the heart with a brand enhancing vision of present reality and future possibility.

The Brand Gallery uses the theme, “Learn from nature, give back to nature” to anchor an immersive spatial and digital experience of future aspirations, present reality, and past achievements in a single, compelling encounter. Displays designed to mimic nature take the visitors on a journey towards a future of emission free mobility and long term, sustainable growth.

The Motor Sport and AMG Gallery uses the theme "Our spirit, our nature" in a celebration and fusion of Mercedes' racing heritage and AMG performance with its commitment to sustainability. This is summated in the words, "Power is nothing without responsibility".

Since its 2011 opening, the Brand Gallery has attracted continuing praise from the many visitors it receives each week. It has become a signature element for the Mercedes-Benz Centre and an enduring testimony to a growth strategy committed to ensuring that our world and all its inhabitants continue to flourish ecologically, socially and economically as an essential element of its goal of long-term, sustainable growth.